Chief Business Officer

Maggie James

As the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at B* DYNA, the role is instrumental in steering the company's mission to pioneer a new era in vehicle maintenance and service delivery through innovative solutions, connectivity, and efficiency. The CBO oversees diverse initiatives, including the groundbreaking "We Pick Up and Return" patent that leverages secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology to simplify product pickups and returns. The objective is to reshape vehicle ownership by utilizing advanced FINANCIAL technology, including blockchain-based solutions, to reduce loans and repayment amounts, addressing negative equity. The CBO also manages the platform's regional livestream database, enabling users to search for content using interconnected devices like drones. In addition, the CBO guides initiatives such as VEHICLE USHER, personalized grooming membership packages, and a personalized marketplace using bitcoin/crypto technology to empower tailored transactions. Moreover, the CBO plays a crucial role in overseeing expert business development services in software and mechanical design and engineering through the subsidiary, Design Poise, which specializes in bringing innovative product ideas to life. The HOME REPAIR directory connecting homeowners with Green/Tax Incentive Home repair providers adds another dimension to the CBO's responsibilities. In alignment with the associated brand, ROAR, the CBO contributes to relentless originality, altitude, and lifestyle revival through innovation, ensuring B* DYNA's position at the forefront of modern innovation and service excellence.