Benjamin Stiller

As the VP of Design at B* DYNA, his mission is to lead a dynamic design team in pioneering a new era of vehicle maintenance and service delivery. His responsibilities extend across multiple innovative solutions, including the groundbreaking "We Pick Up and Return" patent, reflecting a commitment to efficiency and connectivity. Embodying the ethos of the ROAR brand, Tasked to redefine lifestyles through unrivaled innovation, from cutting-edge electric vehicles to fashion-forward designs. A role that involves shaping the aesthetic and functional aspects of products and services, ensuring they align with the principles of relentless originality and the determination to achieve new altitudes. With a user-centric approach, he contribute to the VEHICLE SHARE platform, a state-of-the-art online marketplace, grooming membership packages, and design engineering services. His influence extends to the HOME REPAIR directory, connecting homeowners with green and tax incentive repair providers. Reports to the Chief Executive/Creative Officer.