VP of E-Commerce

Sean Marin

The VP of E-Commerce at B* DYNA will hold a pivotal role in the company's digital landscape, overseeing and shaping various aspects of online commerce and digital transactions. This leadership position involves developing and implementing a comprehensive e-commerce strategy aligned with the company's broader business goals. The role extends to exploring and implementing innovative solutions in vehicle maintenance, service delivery, and related areas, utilizing technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and secure electronic financial transactions. The VP of E-Commerce will focus on enhancing the customer experience through the "We Pick Up and Return" patent, ensuring smooth and secure product pickups and returns. Integration of advanced financial technologies, especially blockchain-based solutions, to address negative equity in vehicle ownership will be a key responsibility. Additionally, the role involves overseeing personalized marketplaces using bitcoin/crypto technology, managing a regional livestream database searchable by interconnected devices like drones, and collaborating with subsidiaries for expert business development services. The VP of E-Commerce will contribute to the company's growth by staying informed on industry trends, ensuring B* DYNA remains at the forefront of modern innovation in vehicle maintenance and service delivery.