Joshua Haase

As the VP of Engineering at B* DYNA, your role is pivotal in driving the company's mission to pioneer a new era in vehicle maintenance and service delivery through innovative solutions, connectivity, and efficiency. Working within the ROAR brand, where relentless originality and innovation redefine lifestyles, you will be at the forefront of reshaping transportation and reflecting audacity. Your responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of groundbreaking technologies, such as the "We Pick Up and Return" patent, leveraging secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. s a key player in our advanced online marketplace, you will ensure the seamless integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions. Additionally, your role involves spearheading product development services through Design Pinnacle, a subsidiary specializing in creating consumer-centric products. Collaborating with the Design Pinnacle team, you will accelerate time to market, contribute to securing funding, and elevate brands to new heights through forward-thinking solutions. Join us at B* DYNA and be part of the relentless pursuit of limitless possibilities, guided by the principle of "Get to it," where innovation and authenticity reinvent the future.