Rahul Sharma

The VP of Software Engineering at B* DYNA holds a pivotal role in advancing the company's mission to revolutionize vehicle maintenance and service delivery. Tasked with leading the development of innovative solutions, the VP oversees projects like the groundbreaking "We Pick Up and Return" patent, which streamlines product pickups and returns through secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. Their responsibilities extend to driving connectivity and efficiency in vehicle services, managing the creation of a regional livestream database searchable by interconnected devices like drones, and empowering buyers and sellers through a personalized marketplace utilizing bitcoin/crypto technology. Additionally, the VP plays a key role in the provision of expert business development services offered by the company's subsidiary, Design Poise, contributing to the realization of product ideas. In essence, the VP of Software Engineering is instrumental in shaping and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions that align with B* DYNA's commitment to reshaping vehicle ownership through advanced financial technology and connectivity.