Anne Laing

The VP of Transportation Logistics at B* DYNA is a key leadership position with a primary focus on optimizing and revolutionizing the transportation and logistics aspects of the company's vehicle maintenance and service delivery initiatives. Tasked with aligning logistics strategies with the company's overarching objective of pioneering a new era in vehicle maintenance through innovative solutions, connectivity, and efficiency, the VP plays a crucial role in reshaping vehicle ownership. Responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the groundbreaking "We Pick Up and Return" patent, which leverages secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology to simplify product pickups and returns. Additionally, the VP is instrumental in utilizing advanced financial technology, including blockchain-based solutions, to reduce loans and repayment amounts, addressing negative equity in the context of vehicle ownership. The role extends to managing the logistics platform hosting a regional livestream database, enabling users to search for content via interconnected devices such as drones, thereby enhancing the efficiency of service delivery. As part of B* DYNA's commitment to service excellence, the VP of Transportation Logistics contributes to the company's innovative approach, ensuring that transportation and logistics seamlessly integrate with the broader mission of redefining the landscape of vehicle maintenance and service delivery. Joining B* DYNA in this role provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of modern innovation, contributing to a transformative vision for the future of transportation and vehicle services.