Cheif Excutive/Creative Officer

Sylvian Bryan

As the Chief Creative and Executive Officer of Bryan Dynamics, Inc. (B* DYNA), I lead a transformative mission to shape our company into a versatile conglomerate offering a diverse range of products and services, all aimed at enhancing people's mobility. B* DYNA functions as the parent company, overseeing subsidiaries in Consumer and Business Services, Social Network, E-commerce, and Product Manufacturing under the visionary ROAR brand.

In the Consumer Service division, we play a vital role in simplifying lives, addressing aspects such as vehicle maintenance, transportation mode sharing, merchant return and exchange, financial transactions, groom membership, and home repair directory. Our objective is to alleviate the time burden on consumers by providing support agents that extend beyond mere human assistance.

Simultaneously, the Business Service sector contributes to advancing design, engineering, and ride-share quality through innovative research initiatives, particularly through Design Poise, a distinguished Design Consultancy. This arm of our services is committed to bringing creativity and efficiency to the forefront.

The feed brand within our portfolio envisions enabling people to experience the world from remote locations through live feeds, fostering potential product development under the ROAR brand and creating an incentivized collaborative network for shared interests and discussions.

Our E-commerce sector is at the forefront of revolutionizing the consumer experience, focusing on guaranteed buyer satisfaction, cost reduction, and strategic e-commerce partnerships.

The essence of ROAR extends beyond being just a design brand; it envisions fuel-efficient transportation, starting with a vehicle currently in development. These innovations discovered through B* DYNA seamlessly integrate into vehicle solutions, extending beyond fashion apparel. ROAR positions itself as a design house for lifestyle products that embody Relentlessness, Originality, Altitude, and the redefinition of urban luxury, with the exclusive Sylvian's collection further enhancing the brand's uniqueness.

Within the B* DYNA name, we champion dynamism, underscoring the importance of adaptability in an ever-changing world. My personal journey in design commenced at the age of 15, with one of my initial designs being a Tank. Armed with a degree in Industrial Design and boasting over two decades of experience in Product Development, I have witnessed the company's humble beginnings in my parent's washroom evolve into a dynamic entity that continues to grow and explore new avenues under the dual leadership of Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer.