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At B* DYNA, we are pioneering a new era in vehicle maintenance and service delivery through innovative solutions, connectivity, and efficiency. VEHICLE SHARE Our groundbreaking "We Pick Up and Return" patent leverages secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology to simplify product pickups and returns. We're dedicated to reshaping vehicle ownership by utilizing advanced FINANCIAL technology, including blockchain-based solutions, to reduce loans and repayment amounts, addressing negative equity. Our platform hosts a regional livestream database that allows users to search for content using interconnected devices such as drones, which can be searched by location. VEHICLE USHER Explore our personalized grooming membership packages, connect with professional groomers, and experience convenient and tailored grooming services. GROOM CLUB With our personalized marketplace using bitcoin/crypto technology, we empower buyers and sellers for tailored transactions. Additionally, B* DYNA also offers expert business development services in software and mechanical design and engineering through our subsidiary, Design Poise, specializing in bringing your product ideas to life. Our HOME REPAIR directory connects Home Owners with Green/ Tax Incentive Home repair proivders. Join us at B* DYNA to be part of the forefront of modern innovation, redefining the landscape of vehicle maintenance and service delivery while enhancing your convenience and service excellence.


ROAR, where Relentless Originality, Altitude, and Reviving redefine lifestyles through unrivaled innovation. Our brand transcends labels, calling to revive unyielding creativity and exploration. ROAR signifies more than words; it's a creed propelling us towards limitless possibilities, embodying relentless originality and the determination to achieve new altitudes. From groundbreaking electric vehicles to cutting-edge fashion, ROAR harmonizes function and style, reshaping transportation and reflecting audacity. Guided by "Get to it," our principle fuses action and innovation, inspiring a world without boundaries. Join us at ROAR, where innovation and authenticity reinvent the future – Get to it. LEARN MORE!


Explore our state-of-the-art online marketplace, where cutting-edge innovation reshapes the e-commerce landscape. In a digital era marked by the exponential growth of online marketplaces, we stand out by prioritizing personalized experiences to address specific buyer needs. Our platform utilizes the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent transactions that inspire confidence in both buyers and sellers. With advanced algorithms and a unique feature allowing buyers to request specific items, we efficiently connect buyers with precisely tailored products. Embracing the latest technological advancements, our marketplace provides an advanced and user-friendly environment, revolutionizing the buyer-seller interaction. Immerse yourself in a reimagined online marketplace, thriving on personalization, efficiency, and technological innovation, ultimately enhancing the user experience for everyone. LEARN MORE!


Grooming Membership Packages offer a modern solution, revolutionizing traditional grooming. Our subscription-based model provides convenience, cost savings, and a personalized experience, allowing customers to tailor their grooming needs. Choose from tiered membership packages for a personalized and budget-friendly approach. Experience savings and convenience, as our model eliminates the hassle of individual bookings and payments. Elevate your grooming with us, where personalized, convenient, and affordable services converge for an enhanced user experienc LEARN MORE!


Design Pinnacle TM offers comprehensive design engineering services for product development. Our expertise includes providing detailed design documentation that effectively communicates product intent for manufacturability. Our innovative designs contribute to securing funding for both large and small businesses. With an integrated team of designers and engineers, Design Pinnacle accelerates time to market. We specialize in discovering research solutions that elevate brands to new heights. Beyond aesthetics, Design Pinnacle is a design engineering consultancy dedicated to creating consumer-centric products. SECRET PASSENGER, Partnering with Anonymous Research, we conduct field research for rideshare companies, implementing a research agenda to maintain service quality and ensure riders' safety across the network. Elevate your product development with Design Pinnacle's forward-thinking solutions. LEARN MORE!