Chief Social Media Officer

Heather Adam

In the dynamic role of Chief Social Media Officer (CSMO) at B* DYNA, the individual will spearhead the development and execution of a comprehensive social media strategy, strategically aligned with the company's pioneering vision in vehicle maintenance and service delivery. With a focus on innovation, the CSMO will utilize various social media platforms to effectively communicate and showcase groundbreaking initiatives, including the revolutionary "We Pick Up and Return" patent, integrating secure electronic financial transactions, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. This visionary leader will highlight B* DYNA's commitment to reshaping vehicle ownership through advanced financial technology, leveraging blockchain-based solutions to reduce loans and address negative equity. Beyond financial innovations, the CSMO will actively engage social media channels to spotlight unique features like the regional livestream database, personalized grooming memberships under "VEHICLE USHER," and the bitcoin/crypto-powered personalized marketplace, empowering tailored transactions and fostering audience engagement and loyalty. In disseminating information, the CSMO will emphasize B* DYNA's diverse offerings, from expert business development services via subsidiary Design Poise to the HOME REPAIR directory connecting homeowners with green/tax incentive repair providers. The overarching objective is to strategically position B* DYNA as an industry innovator, enhancing convenience and service excellence. Additionally, the CSMO will contribute to shaping the narrative of the associated brand, ROAR, embodying principles of relentless originality, altitude, and lifestyle revival through innovation. By aligning with ROAR's "Get to it" principle, seamlessly fusing action and innovation, the CSMO becomes a key driver in inspiring a world without boundaries, redefining the landscape of vehicle maintenance and service delivery.